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Living in A Present End

The Sun rises upon our City,
Shining through
and eventually rising past
the Dust
and Smog of Unspeakable

That which some of
US have been Spraying
and Pressing,
with an devilish
determination of Doom,

Upon those defenseless
in our muddy, Earthly

You Stand by
the East-facing window,
and Dawn radiates itself
through our Now
Sedated Sky---

Constrained by its
Silver veneer of death,
Mapped haphazardly
and logically

You Look back
in the Mirror, and
the Silhouette looks
Back sickly,

With Blood-Shot Eyes.

He looks back at you,
as if you were the one
who were dead,

"Have you been suffering obliviously,
If not having had been
into Half-Hosting
Our Greatest War?

Living one eye blind,
While having lent the other
to play mere Bystander?"

Writing In The Darkness

“Every night I cut out my heart, but in the morning it was full again.”

                                                                                      —Michael Ondaatjie.

Combat, Romanticized

Nonetheless, an opening sequence done in good taste.

Paradoxical Itch

“Remarkable, most people blunder around the city and all they see are streets and shops and cars….you see the battlefield. You’ve seen it already, haven’t you?

You have an intermittent tremor in your left hand. Your therapist thinks it’s post-traumatic stress disorder. She thinks you’re haunted by memories of your military service…Fire her. She’s got it the wrong way around.

You’re under stress right now and your hand is perfectly steady. You’re not haunted by the war…you miss it (whispers). Welcome back.”